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This journal is friends only.

To be added as a friend, leave me a comment stating who you are, what I should call you, why you wanna be a friend of mine, and ARE YOU PIMP ENOUGH!? >:O


thelollyproject- this is where my novel-in-progress is being posted, so if you like original fiction (or just love me *primp*) go check it.

x_eshensfic- this is where all my fic is; old fic is in the memories, new fic is posted here, blah blah blah, you know the story.

prettier_sister- this is my old account; I dont post here anymore, but there's some pretty fun random junk, so if you wanna know just how shibby I am, check this shit out.

laurel_tx- I am her writing bitch for life; she is the goddess of icon making and pervviness, and her husband is quite possibly perfect.

potterlover456- also her writing bitch; she's just shibby in general.

bubblegumlocks- not really her writing bitch. more like a cheap writing whore she picks up sometimes.


Why would I wanna be part of your stupid journal!?
I post most of my giftfic here before I post it to x_eshensfic. My best fic, stuff I write for challenge, giftfic, stuff like that. I also post original writing here, movie reviews, and if you're friended you're more likely to get a giftfic every once in a while. ^_^

Why did you seperate your journals?
I didn't want my fic bogged down with all my personal junk, or with meme spam and other assorted spams.

Memespam? WHERE?!
I'm a meme whore. >:D I've been cold turkey for a while, but more memespam is on the way; you can find old memespam on my memories and at prettier_sister.

What happened to all your old stuff from prettier_sister?
All of the important just text stuff was moved here, but my memes and things will be added as memories. I'm not deleting prettier_sister. It will be here forever. You can consider it incentive for joining this journal, because look at how much fun I'm having! -waves in the general direction of her old journal-

Are you and laurel_tx a "very exclusive couple"?
Unfortunately, she's married and doesn't want to be part of my polygamist lifestyle. v_v On the plus side, I do have potter_lover456 and bubblegumlocks for wives, and The Brit, also known as domsy as a husband. (I have 12 wives and 6 husbands besides, wanna join? >:D)

I only write fic if a) I like the prompt you give me, b) I love you, or c) I have a request thread open and your request doesn't squick me.

Marry me?
SURE! -drags you off to Vegas-

Will you call/meet with me in rl?
If I really like you, I'm fine with calling you over the phone. I have a policy on not meeting people I dont know unless they live like OMGSOCLOSE to where I am, and even then I have to like you an awful lot. ^_____^

its something unpredictable
but in the end its right
i hope you had the time of your life

the public request thread can be seen below
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